Elder’s Corner – December

Elder’s Corner – December

The Elder’s meeting was held on December 9 and we want to share with you the highlights of our meeting.  

The meeting was opened and closed with prayers for our work as well as for specific individual requests.  


Additional Architectural design work has been completed to address some of the questions raised by Preservation Committee and various city committees. A meeting between City Office of Homeless Services and Community Ventures is planned for early January. A complete update will be available after that meeting.   You can also read more about the JVMT’s most recent developments in this article.  

2. Financial Update

The budget continues, as reported last month and for the last several months, with a deficit above and beyond that which was already agreed upon of $16,000 when the budget was adopted. The total deficit is now projected to be approximately $42,000. We continue to hope that strong December giving and completion of pledging will help to somewhat reduce that number.   

3. Long Range Planning and Annual Meeting and Discernment 

Much of our meeting was spent looking ahead to both the Annual Meeting and to a greater extent to 2027 and the future. We discussed the content of annual reports from leadership groups to be submitted ahead of the January Elders Meeting, to assist in our planning for the Annual Meeting and to be available for the Congregation. The reports will focus on accomplishments, what’s holding you back, and where you want to be in 2027, our 300 year Anniversary.  

We believe these are the key questions for the Congregation as a whole to address. Our hope is to engage the whole congregation in creating a vision for the future. We discussed using the house meeting process as a way to gain the involvement of as many members as possible. We want to be intentional, aspirational, and we want to be focused.

New leaders have been identified for positions that will be vacated. Thanks to all who have served or will serve.     

Respectfully submitted 

Kathy S.