Elder’s Corner – from the Elder’s Meeting March 11

Elder’s Corner – from the Elder’s Meeting March 11

The Elder’s met on March 11 and would like to share a few thoughts and highlights from our meeting:

First of all, there is a lot going on; it often feels hard to keep up with. Tonight was an opportunity for the Elders to meet with members of the Joint Venture Ministry Team (JVMT) and talk about the development work of our church.

While some of this information has been shared through the Epistle, or other reports, there is always something new and there are some quick turnaround times that require approvals.

The JVMT has asked the Elders to call meetings to update the congregation on the work of the JVMT and our partners and share the preliminary building design, which is still a work in progress. (An extended and expanded JVMT meeting with Architects and Planners took place on 3/14).

1. The Elders are calling meetings on March 24 and March 31 immediately following our worship service.

On March 24, Members of our Joint Venture Ministry Team (JVMT), representatives of Community Ventures (CV) who you have met, and BWA Architects, who you will meet, will be part of  the presentation. This meeting will include an overview of development activities and presentation on the building design. This is not a final design but an opportunity to weigh in on the general direction of our planning and design. It is an opportunity for questions and answers.

On March 31, the congregation will continue the discussion among ourselves and will conclude the meeting with a vote on the preliminary design.

2. In light of the meetings mentioned above, we are postponing the leaders retreat previously scheduled for April 7. The retreat is re-scheduled for April 28. 

Respectfully submitted by Kathy Sykes on behalf of the Elders