Elder’s Corner: Highlights from their Feb. Meeting

Elder’s Corner: Highlights from their Feb. Meeting
Elder’s Corner
The Elder’s met on Monday, 02.19 and would like to share a few highlights from their meeting: 
  • The Creche – Recognizing that we will need a full congregational discussion of the Creche before we get too far into the year, the Elders began by taking a step back to thinking about our purpose for the creche, what it means to us and/or others, why we have it, and whether it meets those objectives.  In addition to talking within the church community, we also discussed reaching out in some way to neighbors or those who come to Old City.  The issue of live animals in the creche has been controversial in prior years but became something much larger this year after Stormy ‘s escape was featured in news coverage.
  • The Capital Campaign – Our 3 year campaign is complete.  Thank you to all who have fulfilled your pledge.  For various reasons, some pledges have not been fulfilled.  An Elder will be contacting those who have not completed their pledge by email and/or phone.  Elders do not have information on the amount of your pledge, only whether it is complete or not.  It is important for planning purposes to know what we can expect for other projects we need and want to accomplish. We recognize circumstances can change and that’s ok; we just need to know.
  • Our Church Office Administrator – Our recently hired Office Administrator has resigned after only a few weeks on the job.  It just wasn’t the right fit and in those instances, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later.  We will resume a search. In the meantime, please be patient.
  • Informational Meeting –  SAVE THE DATE of MARCH 11, immediately following our worship service.   Representatives of Community Ventures and DePAul USA will join us to share their vision for what permanent supportive housing would look like at the corner of 4th & Race.  This is an important opportunity to begin a partnership with this organization and for our members to ask questions and share your ideas.  Enough food will be provided for a light lunch, so that people can stay after church.
2018 is a  busy year with lots to come and many thoughtful, prayerful discussions to help guide us.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Sykes, Secretary for the Elders