Elder’s Corner: Highlights from their Mar. 2018 Meeting

Elder’s Corner: Highlights from their Mar. 2018 Meeting
The Elder’s met on March 12 and would like to share highlights from our meeting: 
Parcel Development ” Old First House”
After our March 11 presentation by Community Ventures and DePaul USA, we have lots to think about.  About 60 Old First members and friends gathered to listen to the presentation and ask questions and suggest issues to be considered. We have notes on “Questions that can’t be answered yet;” Issues / Values for our work going forward together;” and “Items for Old First to Discuss.”  In order to provide time for discussion among ourselves before a vote, we have scheduled more meetings.
Informational meetings: March 25  and April 15
Over the next two meetings we will clarify what we know and identify those issues which will have to be worked out in our partnership with Community Ventures/DePaul USA or with other of the many organizations/groups who will be part of this process.  Some questions we have answers to while some others will require a leap of faith as we work things out.
Congregational Meeting: April 22   We have selected this date to vote on our plans for formally entering into an agreement to partner with Community Ventures and DePaul USA to begin the process to develop the parcel at 4th & Race into permanent supportive housing for homeless and formerly homeless adults.
Our Church Office Administrator The search committee is reconvening to review resumes.  Again, we ask for your patience during this transitional period. And we thank Woody for helping keep the office afloat!
The Creche  As a way of beginning our discussion about the Crèche, we will be developing a self survey for the congregation.  In order to  understand more about ourselves: what brought people here to worship,  how each of us feels about the crèche, why we have it, and whether it meets the hoped for objectives.
Year end giving statements are a little behind but are now going out.  Information is also available in Breeze. If you have questions please call the church office.
Capitol Campaign Wrap-Up  Elders are reaching out to those who have not completed their capital campaign pledge by email and/or phone.  Elders do not have information on the amount of your pledge only whether it is complete or not.  It is important for planning purposes to know what we can expect for other projects we need and want to accomplish.
Please join with us as we thoughtfully and prayerfully approach the issues and decisions before this church.
Respectfully submitted
Kathy Sykes for the Elders