Elders’ Corner- January 2020

Elders’ Corner- January 2020

The Elder’s met on January 13, 2019 and would like to share the highlights of our meeting with you: 

1. Financial Update 

Financial Secretary’s report:  

-Generous Giving helped the year end strongly.  

-We received 66 pledges for 2020, 4 less than last year;

-96% of pledges are budgeted in the 2020 budget  

Treasurer’s report 2019:  

 -There is great news in that the 2019 budget year ended with a deficit of just over $9,000, much lower than the predictions of a few months ago and lower than the $15,000 deficit which was approved in the 2019 budget. 

-Thanks to the goodness and generosity of those who contributed and made it possible for us to end the year in relatively good financial position. 

Proposed Budget for 2020:

The Budget presented to the Elders is balanced.


2. The Elders’ Report

The Elders’ Report for the Annual Meeting was developed with input from those present. One of the future goals is to implement processes to think through what we as a church hope to do and be in 2027, our 300th year Anniversary. Another goal is to increase regular communication between Elders and Leadership Groups.     


3. Annual Meeting Preparation

Budget- The Budget presented was approved by the Elders for presentation to the Congregation for their approval.

Nominations for Elected and Appointed Leaders – Nominations were reviewed and approved by the Elders for presentation to the Congregation for their approval. The Elders thank the individuals who have expressed a willingness to serve and thank the Discernment Task Group for their work in identifying those individuals.

Visioning and Planning Process – As previously indicated, The Elders hope to use a good portion of our meeting to introduce ideas for future projects and seek the input and participation of as many members as possible. Much of our thinking this past year or two has focused on on our future as it relates to the proposed building and serving those who will live there. The Elders hope to broaden our thinking to include what else we want to accomplish as a church both in terms of our ministry to the community as well as ministry to our own congregation. This process will give us that opportunity.

Respectfully submitted 

Kathy Sykes