Elder’s Corner – Meeting Notes from May 14th, 2018

Elder’s Corner – Meeting Notes from May 14th, 2018
The Elder‘s met on May 14 and would like to share a few highlights from our meeting: 
  • We continue to search for a “right fit “Church Office Administrator. We are currently re-posting the position and have streamlined our procedures so that we can respond quickly to interested candidates. Please continue to be patient, and thankful to Woody for his service.
  • We are fortunate to have Lauren Giaccone joining us us.  Lauren is a seminarian and will be working with Michael as part of her preparation for ministry. Lauren is currently the Chaplain at Maris Grove (where Marie Castor lived). Soon there will be an intro. of Lauren with some description of her duties among us.
  • As we close out our 3 year Capital Campaign, we thank you for your generous contributions. It’s never too late. We also want to celebrate what has been given and the work that has been completed. The Elders are planning to hold a thank you reception in the Fall.  Finally, we are looking ahead and have identified needs for the work on Landscaping and the Entryway to our church.  More to come….
  • Updates related to Development:
    • We have approved the hiring of an attorney, George Nagle, to give us guidance and look out for our interests as we negotiate the Joint Venture Agreement with Community Ventures. Elders have submitted comments for consideration as part of the negotiation, and are waiting on Community Venture’s responses. Our attorney will review the final product.
    • The finalized Joint Venture Agreement will then be shared with the Congregation at a special meeting to get approval for our Moderator’s signing the Agreement for the church.
    • A new Joint Venture Ministry Team is being formed to serve as our representatives as we move forward with Community Ventures. The team will consist of Spencer Anderson, Bob Robinson, Kathy Sykes, Beth Walker, and Jackie Williams. They will be responsible for representing the church at the table in this first stage planning process with Community Ventures and DePaul USA. They will also be responsible for bringing back to the Elders and to the Congregations the decisions that need wider input and agreement. Finally, the Joint Venture Ministry Team will be responsible for keeping the congregation informed of the progress of this project. The Elders are creating a formal charge for the work of this ministry team.
    • Another group, the Parking and Accessibility Ministry Team, is being formed to find solutions to our long-standing parking issues as well as the need for accessibility created by the redevelopment. This team will consist of Nancy Donohue, Kris Forrest, and Adam Sherr. The Elders are also working on a formal charge for this ministry team.
2018 continues to be a  busy year with lots to more come, and we will need to be thoughtful and prayerful as we move forward. May we, your Elders, ask for your prayers and support.
Respectfully submitted by Kathy Sykes on behalf of the Elders