Elder’s Corner

Elder’s Corner

The Elders met on November 18 and we want to share highlights from our meeting:   


  • The good news is that actual Pledging is at its highest level. The bad news is that the budget was based on an optimistic assumption that 100% of pledges are fulfilled rather than 95 % fulfilled as budgeted previously; thus, we are experiencing a deficit in income from pledges over $20,000. In addition, our annual budget was approved with approximately a $15,000 deficit which still exists and has grown as a result of reduced income including pledges and increased expenses.   


  • We are currently engaging in a process to determine potential leaders for the Elders Council and the Standing Leadership Groups.    

Annual meeting planning:

  • We are preparing for our annual meeting in January and these three pillars are key to our discussion. 
  1.  Where do we want to be as a church in 2027, our 300th year Anniversary?
  2.  Is our current structure working? Do you have the leaders and / or staff in place who we will need?  
  3.  Shall we consider a mini- Capital Campaign to fund some of the improvements we want to make? If so, we will need a process to determine which improvements have our priority.  

Respectfully submitted, 

Kathy Sykes