Elders' Update (from 09.12 meeting)

Elders' Update (from 09.12 meeting)
The Elders had their monthly meeting on Monday, Sept. 11. It began in a joint session with the Admin. SLG (whose meeting was delayed a week because of the Labor Day holiday).

Together they studied the latest financial reports. Still running behind on stewardship receipts, they were heartened that the people seem to be catching up their pledges and the shortfall in income has been reduced. It’s still a challenging year with the unbudgeted, major air conditioning expenses, and a drop in some of our stewardship giving. All this in light of the capital campaign, wherein our leaders do not believe its right to ask for any additional extra giving, makes our budget tight this year.

Here is what else the Elders handled in the later part of their meeting, their session after working with the Admin. SLG:

  • Working on dates for a fall leadership retreat for Elders, SLG heads, staff where we will do some evaluation of our current strengths and weaknesses, work on leadership development and discernment, particularly for open leadership positions in the life of our church, and begin some discussion of specific space needs / alternatives to the Fox and CE buildings.
  • Began discussion of Michael’s sabbatical planning
  • Discussed process to conduct job performance evaluation for Michael
  • Received an update on the 4th Street Parcel Committee which is nearing the completion of its work
  • Discussed and acknowledged the generosity of the Capital Campaign givers, and developed a plan to provide updates and gratitude as we are now beginning to see the fruits of our commitments.

Larry Waddell, Moderator