Elders in March Start Working on Admin. & Outreach Job Descriptions

Elders in March Start Working on Admin. & Outreach Job Descriptions

At the March meeting of the Elders, they began by sharing their experiences with race as their opening “Reconnecting with God and One Another.”

Next they received the recommendations from Admin SLG for hiring of replacements for Mindy and the volunteer coordinator. They decided that they want to make oversight for volunteer development a greater part of the administrator’s position.

And they wondered if it would be possible to carve out a salary for the outreach position that would allow us to hire a near full-time employee who could stay with us longer than a year. The Elders were reaching out the Outreach SLG about their position. The Elders have tasked the Admin. SLG with developing job descriptions, in conjunction with Outreach, and began to develop the processes for a search committee with representatives from elders, admin, outreach, discernment.

The Elders also acknowledged the need to develop standard procedures for hiring and firing.

They also discussed a bequest to the Capital Campaign and how to make sure that the congregation gets user-friendly financial info. on an on-going basis.

If you have any questions, please ask Larry W., me or one of the other Elders.


Kathy S., Secretary