Emerging House Meetings Schedule: Two Weds, 02.25 and 03.25

Emerging House Meetings Schedule: Two Weds, 02.25 and 03.25

The Sacred Conversations on Race Group is organizing housemeetings to broaden the involvement of more Old Firsters on the discussion of race. They are doing so during Lent, which is traditionally a period of introspection and self-examination, where we open ourselves to recognizing, acknowledging and leaving behind our sins in preparation for new life that comes with Easter. Racism is a sin we’re being challenged to focus on.

Their tentative plans include getting at least 12 families to host housemeeting on Wednesday, Jan. 25. Once those homes are arranged, we will begin signing up and assigning people to go the various homes.

Over coffee and dessert that night, a facilitator will invite people to begin talking and listening to one another about their experiences of race. That in and of itself is somewhat transformative as it’s usually an off-limits topic in mixed company.

At the end of that session, there will be some sort of assignment for the next month — some kind of reflection to do before the second gathering, in the same groups, one month later, on Wednesday, March 25.

In that month interlude, Michael will also be preparing and sending daily bible passages with reflection questions that will aid in your reflections on issues of race and our faith.

The organizers expect to be announcing finalized plans and beginning sign-up within the week, so stay tuned. If you have questions or suggestions, if you wish to host a housemeeting, or want to talk about this further, please speak with Delilah or Mimi.