Earth Sunday on 04.27 (worship outside)

Earth Sunday on 04.27 (worship outside)

After the winter we’ve had… With the delayed arrival of warmer weather… With all the talk of greenhouse effects and global warming and melting icecaps and rising oceans, we might feel like we need to pay a bit more attention to our environment. Michael heard someone last week speaking of our “sins of misuse of creation” that might make one want to get on one’s knees and ask God’s forgiveness…

Sunday, April 27, we will be celebrating Earth Sunday:

We’ll be worshiping in the front courtyard. (Dress accordingly.)

We’ll be saving paper. (Yes, a congregation can worship without a bulletin, even if it necessitates some changes in how we do things.)

We’ll be sitting in a circle, facing one another.

And on May 4, we will return to our more traditional worship order and style… Please join us to experience something new, thank God for Spring and see what our faith says to us about being stewards of creation.