Did you get the E-pistle twice this week (Or maybe three times)?

Did you get the E-pistle twice this week (Or maybe three times)?

Astute folks might notice that the e-pistle is going out via our old e-list system (BigTent) as well as the new one (Realm). So you should have gotten two copies. That’s not a mistake: we’re doing it on purpose to make sure we have everyone’s email address correctly in Realm, and to be sure that email from Realm doesn’t end up in your spam folder. (Ok, there was a mistake, too. Michael, learning the new system, hit SEND a little too early while Suzanne shouted “Don’t hit SEND!!”).

If you didn’t get two copies in your email program, first check your email’s spam folder. If you find it there please confirm the address so that future emails from Realm don’t go there. If you can’t find it in your spam folder please email me at <web@oldfirstucc.org>. I will track down the source of the error.

If you haven’t signed up for a Realm password yet, check your email (including the spam folder) for the invitation. Again, if you can’t find the email invitation, email me at <web@oldfirstucc.org>, or click on the Register Now button from the login screen to sign up yourself. Note: you will receive the e-pistle regardless of whether you sign up for a password. Registering gives you access to the online member directory.

As always, if you have questions contact me.

– Suzanne