Even if You Can’t Come to Church, You Can Pledge On-Line Now

As you know, Commitment Sunday, when we gather and bless the pledges we make to support Old First in 2017, is this coming Sunday, Nov. 20.  If you are not able to attend, or did not receive a pledge card, you can pledge now, electronically.

I encourage you to pledge online via Realm. Our financial secretaries have already set up a campaign for you. Instructions for pledging online are available  in the Member’sArea of the Old First website.  Click here to learn more.  Not only can you submit your pledge on Realm, but you can track your giving too. As you make gifts toward your pledge, that information will be logged into your account.    We ask that members not give through REALM. Giving happens via your bank’s website.  When donations are given through Realm, a portion is deducted from your gift in fees charged by the company that manages Realm.