Ever Wondered, Wanted to Know More About the UCC?

Ever Wondered, Wanted to Know More About the UCC?

Did you ever wonder about this United Church of Christ that Old First is only one of about 5,000 congregations across the country? Do you even really realize we have this specific connection — and presumably something in common — with other Christians from Alaska to Florida and Maine to Hawaii?

If you have not ever really thought about this, you might ask one of us who have been involved in the wider church, “what does the UCC means to you?” or “why do you believe it is important for us to recognize and respond as part of the whole UCC?” You might speaks with, for example, Beth W., Bob P., Bob S., Cody L., Delilah, Geneva, Gerry, Jackie, Michael C…

Maybe you want to learn more about our denomination, or learn more about what is going on with other UCC congregations in southeast Pennsylvania…

Here are two options for getting regular news from the wider church:

The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference sends out a weekly e-mail, Communitas, each Thursday. It contains info. on activieties and events in the regions and resources for both mission and ministry. You can sign up here to receive Communitas . (The Conference’s website is another good source of information: psec.org.)

If you want to know more about the national setting of the United Church of Christ, you might want to sign up here for their weekly updates: e-KYP (Keeping You Posted). (The national setting’s website, ucc.org, is also a rich resource.)