Extending Our Men’s Shelter for a Few More Weeks

Extending Our Men’s Shelter for a Few More Weeks

Misty Sparks, one of our main contact associates at Bethesda’s church shelter program, has asked that we keep our shelter open a few more weeks.

As you may know, one of Bethesda’s 3 church shelters — St. Mary’s — has been closed for several months now because of significant building problems, including issues with their plumbing, heat, and so on. That’s why our guest roll has gone up to 40 from the usual 30. However, St. Mary’s, which is Bethesda’s year-round church shelter, has let Bethesda know that it has come up with a plan to make the needed repairs. Unfortunately, the work will not be completed until May 8 or maybe May 15.

Bethesda would like to have us stay open until it can transfer its summer residents to St. Mary’s. That will involve “releasing” on April 30 the residents from here that are not going to be in their summer shelter. And then, bringing over from Trinity any residents that will be staying at St. Mary’s for the summer. So, a new-ish combo of folks, but not more than our normal 30. Also, this is a  low cost time frame, with little heat needed and our A/C not yet switched over.

I have said that yes, we can remain open to help them in the interim. Hopefully, with Alesha’s help, we can get a few more volunteer groups to do shelter dinners!

Let me know if you have any concerns or questions,