"Faith on Race": Daily Lenten Bible Study

"Faith on Race": Daily Lenten Bible Study

Tonight, Wednesday, Feb. 25, many Old Firsters will gather for an opening conversation for our Lenten focus on race and racism, “Our Sacred Conversation on Race.”

Tomorrow morning, we will send out the first of the daily installments of our partner Bible Study: “Faith on Race.” It uses Scripture passages, some very basic background information and reflection questions as a way to keep our hearts and minds focused and churning on the questions that race and racism present in our world, in our daily lives and to our faith.

There will be a daily bible passage provided each morning, starting tomorrow, Feb. 26 and continuing through March 25 (when the second gathering of Housemeetings for the Sacred Conversation on Race occurs). If you are not familiar with the passage, you might want to read a bit more of the Bible right before and after the passage so that you can put it into a larger setting of the text.

As well as the link to the passage, the message will include a bit of background to the text. And finally there will be some reflection questions to help you consider how the bible helps us with the issues of race and racism we encounter in our world and in our daily lives.

We are sending these messages to everyone who signed up for or expressed interest in participating in the Sacred Conversation on Race. We will also be posting them daily on Old First’s facebook page.

If you have not signed up for the housemeetings, but wish to receive these daily Bible study prompts, please let the church office know. Likewise, if others wish to join in the Bible study, let them know to contact and ask to be added to our e-mail distribution list.

(And of course, if you don’t want to receive these daily messages, just let the church office know.)

For more background and explanation of the Lenten “Faith on Race” Bible Study, please click here.