Fall Clean Up 2015

Fall Clean Up 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Fall Clean Up Day this Tuesday.  Students from KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy rolled up their sleeves and plunged right in, cleaning pews, window frames, banisters and railings in the Sanctuary and everything they could find to clean in the Christian Education Building.  

Outside they cut and bundled limbs, raked leaves, picked up trash and cleaned the courtyard of acorns and debris, in spite of the near constant drizzle. They were well mannered and eager to help.  

They were led by Old First members Nancy, Rochelle, Janice and Joanna.  One student, reflecting on his experience here remarked that he will remember how the members worked side-by-side with them.

Mark W. was here the day prior, taking down the branches that were scraping the Sanctuary’s fragile windows. The product of his effort was some of what the students and Old Firsters cleaned up.

And the whole day and the help was organized by Teresa.