Family Fun Day Success

Family Fun Day Success

Family Fun Day was held on March 17th, and it was a success! The sun was shining on Old First which helped to make the event more inviting. Youth from buildOn were here to help us with the festival, and it was great working with these motivated young people.

There many visitors from the community as well as our church members. Children, as well as adults, were able to get their faces painted by Prilly and Twinkles and get balloon animals from Ribbons and Pebbles. Clowns Beano and Tiny held a magic show that everyone loved.

Jill Walsh sponsored a Penguin Fish throwing game, and you got a prize if you got the fish in the penguin’s basket! Bubby, the head clown, had a coloring sheet of himself that many kids had a fun time coloring. He and Daisy also wandered Old City to bring people in to our festival.

This event raised $250 for our shelter and food and clothing cupboard!

Jill, our cotton candy maker!

Thank you to the families that donated items for the festival, to the families that enjoyed the festival and to everyone who spread the word about this event.

Huge thanks you to Jill Walsh and Mindy Beecher who worked with me to organize and make this event happen.

And of course, thanks also to the Mott Campus Clowns for offering their skills to raise funds for Old First. We hope to see them again next year!