Farewell and Blessings to Alesha as She Leaves the Outreach Ministries

Farewell and Blessings to Alesha as She Leaves the Outreach Ministries

“Love First” is Old First. And love is exactly what I felt three years ago when I started my journey as Outreach Coordinator for the church.

Today, love is what I feel having met numerous people within the church and the extended church community.

It has been my honor and pleasure to have been your Outreach Coordinator, and it saddens me to leave, as I have LOVED every bit of serving the underserved and representing Old First in Philadelphia and beyond.

I want to highlight two people who were there from the start:

I want to first thank Pastor Michael Caine for embracing me with open arms. For guiding and allowing me to put a twist on outreach that encompassed a greater racial and gender lens on social issues.

Pastor – you are a wonderful leader. You guide by example and allow others to shine because you teach us how to do God’s work. Thank you.


I would also like to thank Clark. Your demand for precision and exactness allowed me (for the most part) to stay on track. You were there from the start to the end, and I thank you for your graciousness and kindness.

To everyone that I have met along the way — every volunteer who has assisted with Saturday Morning breakfast, brought in a dinner for the men’s shelter, or a cookie tray for the men of our shelter on Thanksgiving Day — it has been my pleasure to have met you.

I hope to not be a stranger and look forward to whatever life and the future bring my way.

Old First is “Love First.” And I love Old First for that.



Alesha Thomas