Does Anyone Have a Lead on an affordable, one-bedroom Apartment?

Does Anyone Have a Lead on an affordable, one-bedroom Apartment?

In John 15, Jesus teaches us we should love one another. His example, of course, is washing the disciples’ feet.

In the practice of Christian faith, the love we are exhorted to is not just or even primarily emotional. Instead, it often takes very physical forms in acts of kindness, service, support and comfort. Our brother, Deacon Farley, asks for our help now. He writes:

“In Greetings in His harmonious name. I am pleased to inform you that my dearest wife, Stella, after finally being resettled to Arizona from Liberia, is expected to join me in Philadelphia within the course of this month.

Therefore, I wish to appeal for housing assistance in this regard. Earlier in February, during the prayers of the people in worship, I made a general appeal to the church. I would be highly thankful whichever way the church may help me. I am seeking an affordable one bedroom apartment accommodation.

In reality, yet though I am an asylee, I have no reliable job at the moment. Nevertheless with
God above, I am searching daily and believe success is sure, most especially with the arrival of and coming of my wife. We can make it in God’s name and with the help of the church.

With esteem, I seek your indulgence that you once more convey my utmost gratitude to members of the church for their massive spiritual, financial, and moral supports; consequential of which I was granted political asylum.

May the Almighty bless you and the church.

Thanks in anticipation,

Yours In-Christ,

Deacon Isaac Farley Nyantte”

If you have any leads, suggestions or ways you might help this soon to be reunited couple, please see Isaac or you may also speak with the pastor.