Final Lenten Devotion, April 13 @ 6 pm

Final Lenten Devotion, April 13 @ 6 pm

Grant us, O God, who labor here
within this throbbing maze,
A forward-looking, saving hope
to galvanize our days,
Let Christ, who loved Jerusalem,
and wept its sins to mourn,
Make just our laws and pure our hearts;
so shall we be reborn!

For our final Lenten devotion will have us working with the final strophe of “The City Dweller’s Prayer.” We will tackle this by looking to two Bible passages, the parable of The Laborers and the Hours (Matthew 20:1-18), and Nicodemus asking Jesus how he can be reborn (John 3:1-15).

Interestingly, both our Lenten devotions and our Lenten sermon series on prayer have revolved around the issue of vocations: as Christians, we are to lead not just good lives, but to uncover and pursue the calling which God extends to each of us:

Do you have a sense of what work God means for you to accomplish with your life?

Do you understand how that work is transformational, for you or someone else or God’s world?

Join us for a light supper provided by the Northwest Neighborhood Group at 6 pm. By about 6:40 pm, we will move over to the Christian Ed. building where we devote ourselves for a time to God, one another and our callings individually and collectively. We will finish by 8 pm.

A word of thanks– to all who helped with meals and participated in this year’s conversations.