Final Lenten Devotion: Wednesday, April 13

Final Lenten Devotion: Wednesday, April 13

Next Wednesday evening, April 13, will be the final night of our Lenten devotions. We will finish with a session on the final strophe of Cambell’s “A City Dweller’s Prayer:”

Grant us, O God, who labor here
within this throbbing maze,
A forward-looking, saving hope
to galvanize our days,
Let Christ, who loved Jerusalem,
and wept its sins to mourn,
Make just our laws and pure our hearts;
so shall we be reborn!

Our reflections will center around what we experience as our “forward-looking, saving hope” and what it might mean for us to be “reborn.” Much of our focus will be a bible study on the story of Nicodemus.

The Lenten season of our devotions have been filled with engaging conversations on:

~ what could bring about new life for us and for our city;
~ the communication skills/blessings of being understood and understanding;
~ the masks we wear, both to hide and also towards who we are becoming;
~ our journeys and the distances our forbearers have traveled, and where we find God along the way.

Each night has begun with a simple Lenten meal, provided by a group within the church. Thanks to Mindy and Michael, the New Jersey neighborhood group, the choir, the young adults, and this week the Northwest Neighborhood Group. The meals and the fellowship around the table have all been warm and nourishing.

Interestingly, we have had a whole lot of different people come to the Lenten devotions, mostly when they are hosting the meal! It’s been great to see different folks come out for a midweek, Christian education or devotional experience.

But people haven’t been regular. And some of our regulars haven’t been around. If anyone has ideas on this trend or pattern, Michael would be very interested in hearing about them.