Finale in Approaching End of Life series, this Sun., 12.11.16 after worship

Ok, the finale of such a series may sound a bit threatening! It won’t be.

We want to think about all that we have covered and how it is that we can speak now about these things with the people who need to know our wishes. If we can’t muster the ability to talk about this, we’ll miss  the full help thinking about the issues can provide!

Please join us with your brown bag lunch!

Bobbie will provide a summary of all we have covered.

Clark has two documents to share: ”List For My Executor” and ”Things You Will Need to Know When I Die.”

I will talk about the church’s offer / interest to keep info. at the church office for your end of life and funeral arrangments.

Barry will lead us in sharing stories about family conversations they may have had as we strategize about how we might have these conversations with our loved ones.

See you on Sunday, we hope,