Finding God in EVERYTHING

Finding God in EVERYTHING

As the pastor, I have been thinking how much happens, just in one week, in the life of the people of this community. Of course, there’s no reason that the same is not true of every other community. But I think in the end, there is a difference for us as a church community. But first, let me describe some of the “everything that happens.”

In this past week, dear Rev. Bob C. passed away Tuesday morning (details for his funeral service are in this E-pistle and in Sunday’s bulletin). And thereafter there are people grieving, as well as scurrying around making arrangements and wrapping up someone’s life.

At the same time, there are new babies on the way (mazel tov!), and new families getting used to living with each other (patience!). And there are families working on — and sometimes struggling over — figuring out how to get along, whether under one roof or not, for all kinds of different reasons. And families learning how to live apart.

Lives beginning and those ending, and everything in between…

There are people trying to start over in relationships. Resentment and Forgiveness are often  challenges. Some people need to be sought after because they have distanced themselves, or wandered off, or just ended up somewhere no one expected. And some people who need to be given better boundaries, and families that would function better if they weren’t so enmeshed.

There are people dealing with illnesses, physical or mental, their own and others. Or just aging, and the changes it occasions and necessitates. We seem to have had a run of birthdays lately.

And money issues come up a lot. And addiction, either active or in recovery.

Folks are looking for housing, sometimes because it’s hard to find affordable places to live, or safe places to live, but also for a bunch of other reasons.

People looking for new jobs. Or getting more education or training for new work. Or suffering because they don’t have the requirements or experience needed for the jobs they’d hope to do. And there are people getting used to new jobs. Or people applying for unemployment. And people reconciling themselves to careers that haven’t worked out like they hoped. And those who are retiring, or at loose ends in retirement or enjoying their retirement.

it is summer too: there are people needing a break from work and looking forward to vacation. People traveling. People relaxing. People resting. People gathering. People celebrating.

Things are always changing, and for most of it, it’s hard to keep our balance in all the warp and woof. But, if we have eyes to see, there are always blessings to be celebrated too, even if some of them take eyes to really look for them!

That’s the same for everyone, all communities, everywhere. But what’s different for our church community? We, who are religious, we’re supposed to find God in ALL THIS. In the good and in the bad. And finding God, we’re supposed to have a better idea how to weather it all. Finding God in it, that’s supposed to help us know what it means. And also how it both connects to and calls for love. I pray we do…


See you in church,