Finding “Worship Partners” for Alex

Michael often tells the story of the older woman who sat with him in church when he was in high school. Michael’s family had sort of fallen apart when he was a young teenager, and he ended up in church alone. An older woman who he had always known, when she came back to church after he husband’s death, left the place where she had always sat and came back over to where Michael sat. “I think we now have each other to sit with in church.” And they did, every Sunday until Michael left for college, and then whenever he came back to church, until she died.

We might have a similar opportunity. Alex, Josephine’s son who has a learning disability, has heretofore preferred to be in the nursery even though his is at 12 years old, the size of a full grown adult. Michael wants to see if we can get Alex to like being in church, but he also understands that Josephine, as a single mom, deserves time to herself in church.

Last week, Michael asked Alex (already in the nursery) if he would instead like to sit with a friend of Michael’s in church. (With the youth choir here, it seemed like a good Sunday to try this!) Alex seemed amenable, and Michael explained to Alex that he first needed to check with his mom. Josephine looked a little unsure, but gave Michael permission to try.

Michael asked Kathy, who had run the City’s services for people with intellectual disabilities before retirement, if she would sit with Alex. She was willing, even eager and it worked. Alex seemed to enjoy worship; Josephine got some alone time and to see how Alex was doing; Kathy found it a fun ministry while in worship.

Michael thinks this could be good. Alex is old enough to be in church, and maybe we can get Alex more and more comfortable with at least a small group of us at church. And Josephine gets some time for renewal.

So, Michael is looking for a group of people who would become Alex’s church friends, his worship partners on a revolving basis. We can introduce you to Alex and help you figure out how to help him enjoy worship. If you are interested in knowing more about this ministry opportunity, please speak to Michael.