First Paul Appears in Adult Forum Starting Sunday, April 3

First Paul Appears in Adult Forum Starting Sunday, April 3

To some, the apostle Paul is appealing; to others he is appalling. So which one is he really?

Whichever one he is for you, “Paul is second only to Jesus as the most important person in the origins of Christianity.” (Your pastor has been heard to say– only exaggerating a bit– that Jesus led a reform movement in the Judaism of his day; Paul was the inventor of the Christian religion.)

Paul’s very hard to ignore. Hate him or like him, come find out more and share your thoughts about him as we begin our examination of “The First Paul” by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan on Sunday morning, April 3, in Adult Forum at 10 am.

Folks are not expected to have read The First Paul…but, be warned, you just might read it or something else by either Borg oar Crossan afterwards!

The Adult Forum will stay with “First Paul” on April 10, then take a break until it picks the book up again on May 1, 15 & 29.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Donohue

P.S. REMINDER: Our Adult Forum on May 22 will be a guest discussion leader leading us in consideration of “The Poisonwood Bible.” Prior reading of this humorous and insightful book is definitely recommended to make the most of our discussion. A limited number of copies for you to borrow are available from the church office.