For its third year, the Summer Brunch Series returns and will kick off on June 24th.

For its third year, the Summer Brunch Series returns and will kick off on June 24th.

For its third year, the Summer Brunch Series returns and invites you to join us once more after worship for brunch, conversations, and community. First, I think its best we define “brunch” once more as an entire year has gone by.

“A meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch.” – Webster

So now you know what brunch is, but what about its purpose in our lives, and specifically at Old First in downtown Philadelphia in Historic Old City?

Brunch is not a typical American meal; it’s an English custom that somehow got to the states probably through colonization, and can traced all the way back to 1895. Brunch serves various purposes. For some it’s an opportunity to catch up with friends and enjoy a casual Bellini with your eggs. For others, brunch is the best time for relational building among loved ones near and far. My opinion, brunch is an opportunity to dress up and taste breakfast through the artistic views of Philadelphia’s award winning chefs. Brunch is simply a meal which is to be shared with others. Similar to our time spent in worship, brunch offers us time, time that is not rushed, but savored like warm syrup on pancakes topped with whipped cream. Brunch is that extra hour and half of connecting with church folks, community members, and friends on a richer level.

As a community member of Old First, I believe these brunch series have given participants the freedom to bond with new members or standing members and share experiences. I’ve gained strong relationships with young adults, new parents, newlyweds and others by a simple invitation. And due to our location in Old City, participants need not travel far for hearty meal. Old City epicenter for craft entrees and beverages for all types of individuals.

For me, the brunch series in essence is relational ministry without spoken scripture. As we live in a “revolving door,” we often miss others due to schedule, routines, work, etc. Sundays are many people’s free day, and as such, why not slow down and invite someone to brunch.

The Brunch Series will kick off on June 24th. There’s no need to rsvp for brunches in the summer, because there’s no expectation other than “come as you are”. If you have suggestions on places to go or even return to, please let me know. The next epistle will give further details to the location of brunch on June 24th after worship at 10am.