For Parents of Kids in the Christmas Pageant

Hi everyone! Here is our final schedule for the rehearsals. I will be sending this information through both my personal email and the OFUCC realm email to be sure that you all get it.

Rehearsal/Run Through Day (Saturday, Dec. 17)

* Please meet us in the Narthex no later that 1:45 (we will be rehearsing from 2-4 pm). We will provide lunch for the children. If you are unable to make the rehearsal please let us know asap. Thanks!

Pageant Day (Sunday, Dec. 18)

* Please come with a set of pajamas (that will be the only costume you will need). If you have no pajamas then you can where a robe over your clothes. You can also have fun with it and wear some silly bedroom slippers if you’d like!

* Please arrive at church no later than 9:30. We will be providing breakfast that day before final rehearsal.

* There will be a segment during the pageant when we are going to have the children collect toys for donation. Please bring in your unopened, new toy and be ready to drop it in a basket for a needy child!

Thank you for all your participation and assistance in getting this year’s pageant off the ground!

Julius, Maranda & Holly!