Friends, Join us at Old First for Holy Week Services (Guests and Visitors Expected!)…

Friends, Join us at Old First for Holy Week Services (Guests and Visitors Expected!)…

(Michael just sent this message to all the visitors listed in our database. If you are one of them or someone else thinking of joining us, consider it your personal invitation. If you consider yourself an Old First regular, perhaps this can help you invite others…)  


Dear Friend,

It is the holiest time in the Christian year. Even more sacred than Christmas. But probably, as a holiday, a bit more difficult to navigate.

Whereas at Christmas all the hope and joy of a newborn baby predominate, Easter brings together a host of different and often contradictory experiences, life’s greatest losses right alongside of its greatest victories. And, as in life itself, we’re left to sort some way through them that makes sense.

Let church help you navigate through the depths of these holy days, long shadowed valleys and bright sunny dawns (just as church can help you through the various aspects, ups and downs, and seasons of your life). Wherever you are on your journey(as we say in the UCC)… I believe, the story of God in Christ and the traditions of the church can be of great help along our our way..

It’s Holy Week, and you are invited back to Old First — however and whenever it makes sense to you to join us. We are here a lot this week!  (Here is our holy week schedule.)

We hope to see you. (And feel free to bring friends and family.)

But if you can’t make it, please know that you are in our prayers and we are wishing you and yours all the hope, love and new life of this holy season…

Happy Easter,