From the Musical Director of "An Afternoon of Broadway" (09.23 @ 3 pm)

From the Musical Director of "An Afternoon of Broadway" (09.23 @ 3 pm)

From the Musical Director, Hobart W Spears III:

This concert has evolved from just a chance to perform with Miguel for me (always a pleasure; we have been doing so for almost 3 years now!), to a MAJOR event at Old First. Through our friendship and musical partnership, we have been able to bring 10 musicians together and work towards a Broadway concert that is unique, challenging and yet still allows our audience to enjoy some of their favorite Broadway tunes, from a variety of musicals, in a diverse set of styles, by a talented group of friends. What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon?

To be raising money for Wellsprings Ministries. As that iconic commercial says…”priceless.” Help us to pack the house (the Sanctuary) to the rafters, both for a great musical event and to support a great cause. The proceeds of the concert will further Old First’s ministries with the Food and Clothing Cupboard, the Shelter and the Urban Service Camps.

What makes this such a great event? In addition to the talents and gifts of Miguel Angel Alvarado, tenor & the piano and vocal talents of Hobart W Spears III and their professional partnership and friendship, you get to hear lyric soprano, Shelley Eberhart and mezzo sorprano Holly Hogbson-Newberry. They will be singing solos or duets- with each other, with Miguel or with Bart.

Added to this are 5 new friends and musical partners; “The Orchestra” consisting of your own Lorena Haberen, cello, Michelle Gish, cello, Ross Garlow, string Bass, Anthony Condoluci, Sax & flute, Adam George, drums & percussion, and piano by Hobart W Spears III.

There are new arrangements, specifically created for this concert that give a freshness and new perspective to the tradional standards. But there are also traditional offerings of the tried and true, but enhanced by a 6 piece “orchestra.”

This is NOT an event to be missed! And something of which Old Firsst can be proud and should be shouting it from every rooftop to come enjoy and particpate in this special musical event all for a wonderful Ministry!