Wear Gardening Clothes This Sunday, April 3

Wear Gardening Clothes This Sunday, April 3

Do you want to wear gardening clothes to church this Sunday? Stay after worship, and help us start planting our new urban farm. What am I talking about? Please take a look on the patio on the east of the church…

The vegetable garden beds are in place and the soil is getting moved into them. Work has happened for the last two Saturdays, but we are not done yet! We’ll continue and get planting this Sunday the 3rd of April after church from 1:00-3:00. All are welcome.

We’re moving towards raising organic fruits and vegetables– to feed those who are hungry and to sell in the neighborhood, so the profits can be used for our ministries of service and justice. It’s an effort we hope will bring together church folk and neighbors– those who live in Old City and those who live in more humble neighborhoods or on the streets.

There are a number of ways you can get involved in gardening if you are interested.

Come and plant, weed, pick, prune – all those garden chores. We’d love to have your email or other contact information so we can keep you informed about work days. If you let the church office know of your interest, we can begin a new listserv to keep us in contact electronically.

Val is coordinating work on the ornamental gardens in the front courtyard and is the one to talk to if you are especially interested in this aspect of gardening. She is also planning the marketing of vegetables so if you are more interested in selling and meeting our neighbors at 4th and Race, there will be more news about this to come.

Janice and Jeanette are co-ordinating work on the new vegetable gardens. There will be ongoing gardening and there’s enough for all. They are happy for help!

Bookkeeping: We are also looking for some help with book keeping – not really official, but just to keep track of expenses and income so we can see how we are doing.

Volunteer Coordination: We’d also like help co-ordinating with volunteers if someone wants to take charge of writing articles about the garden, keeping an email list, and notifying volunteers of work opportunities.

Composting: Alan is in charge of compost. We’re setting up the composting bins. We are going to try to retrain ourselves to recycle all our plant matter. Who knows where this will lead.

I’m sure there are other jobs I am not thinking of, and if you have a particular task you would like to take on let me know.

Janice Smith