Gardens Getting Organized…

Gardens Getting Organized…

It seems like the front courtyard garden could not have come so far so fast! Just two growing seasons ago, it was all just a plan to renovate and add flower beds to make it a more welcoming space, sort of an urban oasis among all of Old City’s colonial brick.

Val actually said this past week to Michael: “If we get as much done as I hope to, we might actually be done by the end of the week.” The heat scuttled those plans… which made Michael chuckle anyway: 1) Is a garden ever finished, or is there always more work to be done?, and 2) Will Val ever be satisfied!

But it looks phenomenal. And the irrigation system is installed in the whole western 3/4 of the gardens. We still have to do the eastern side.

And we actually have a volunteer sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the hallway by the bathrooms: gardeners who’ve made a weekly commitment to come and weed and plant and tend. Jackie and Jean and Kristen are regulars. Chris M. and Andrew C. are also regulars, but not scheduled. And Mark S. is always out there with Val, it seems; and comes by every day to water (particularly the stash of plants on the east patio that are waiting to be planted).

Would you city dwellers (who sometimes long to get your hands dirty and in the soil) like to join others on that sign-up sheet? It’s some work, but the results, the rewards are well worth the work… For more information, please speak with Val Solomon.