Gardens Shaping Up with A Lot of Work

Gardens Shaping Up with A Lot of Work

If you noticed, you might just think, the gardens are looking better because it’s Springtime.

But in between Sundays or the occasional night time meetings when most of us are at church, there’s been a lot of work going on.

Most recently, those two circle beds in front of the church (where way, way back there were spotlights to light up the facade at night, and more recently the Peace Pole in the one on the right, and the incredible returning bush-tree in the one on the left) have been cleared. The boxwood around the Peace Pole got diseased; and we couldn’t keep those stumps on the other side from sprouting. So now, we’re trying Butterfly Gardens.

Last week, one of the young people at church, asked Michael, a bit incredulously, “What are those two big bowls in the front courtyard.” He said, “They are butterfly gardens.” With the impatience of youth, the response came back, “Oh, they just looked like two big bowls of dirt to me.”

This Sunday, when you look at the two big planters (which are really upcycled parts from a restaurant kitchen’s industrial exhaust fan), you can already see the flowers beginning to sprout. The planted will become a wildflower mix that attracts butterflies.

But the beds all around have gotten cleaned out and tidied up, along the perimeter and even under the office windows of the Fox Buidling. And Spring certainly makes a difference!

When you come to church, take a minute an enjoy the new growth. Even wonder: is it an outward sign of new growth in yourself and all of us together at Old First as a church community.

There were two unfortunate casualties this past winter, the beautiful holly tree on the corner of the front parking lot and a small Rose of Sharon bush just near it in the western corner of the bed in front of the Sanctuary building. Maybe the weather changes in March were just two much for them…

But thanks to the gardeners who have helped Janice get this together. It’s been a lot of work.

You might even thank them yourselves: they include Janice who heads up the gardeners group, and Jackie and her grandson Carlos, and Nancy D., Rochelle, Andrew C., and Darla.

And among some of our newcomers, Naomi H. and her kids Susannah and Garrett (who live right across the street) have been watering our plantings (almost daily!) to keep the growth going.

And Andrew C. is going to keep the grass mowed for us again this summer.

And if you peek out at the vegetable gardens on the side of the Sanctuary Building, Deb and Jim who are growing away and getting close to their first harvests.

The things we can do when we work together…