Gathering in Our Stewardship Pledge Commitments

Gathering in Our Stewardship Pledge Commitments

17 December 2015

Dear Friends,

Commitment Sunday was Nov. 22 this year at Old First. Since then, 1/3 to 1/2 of our expected commitments have been received, totaling just over $150,000 in pledges. Good work, church!

Added to this strong showing is the good news that we hope to end fiscal year ’15 in the black without too much of a sweat. You are a generous and faithful community. Remember: we can only do the ministry that your support allows (and it is on target to allow so much!).

As Stewardship Director, I’m following up to urge those who haven’t yet submitted pledges to turn in your stewardship commitments. A good sense of member-giving makes a big difference for what we can do in fiscal year ’16.

There are 3 easy ways to pledge:

1) Pledge online directly by going to your personal (and confidential) profile page on REALM. Here are step by step directions. More than half of our pledges were received directly on REALM this year.

2) You may also complete this online pledge card. Your info will go directly to Laura Spencer, our Financial Secretary, so she can enter it into REALM for you.

3) You may also pledge by completing a paper pledge card. They can be found in the literature rack in the lower narthex and returned via the offering plate during worship or directly to the church office. Again, your commitment will be entered into REALM.

Remember, that via REALM you can now keep track of your donations to Old First (but no one else can see them).

I know how busy year-end gets. Your attention to this commitment for our church is really important and only takes a minute. I hope that you will help us out!

And, of course, I’m wishing you and yours the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Season’s Blessings,

Elizabeth G,, Stewardship Director

P.S. In my role, I don’t know how much any individual pledges or gives. If you have questions about your giving to Old First or our record keeping, please speak with Laura S,, our Financial Secretary.