An Update on Gatherings from Worship SLG

An Update on Gatherings from Worship SLG

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, 

The global pandemic and subsequent quarantine have certainly taken a toll on our patience, as we wait for a return to in-person meetings, ministries, and worship. While “church” is so much more than the building, 4th and Race is a special place of comfort and inspiration for many of us. It’s natural to want to actually be there. 

Recently, we understand that proposals have been made to have small group gatherings, for example, in the church courtyard. The Worship SLG was given the task of assessing the feasibility of such an arrangement. We discussed several permutations and found problems with each variety. We feel that it is still too early in the course of this pandemic to safely gather at church, indoors or outdoors, even in small groups. 

Of course, if folks want to use their own homes for small gatherings of their choosing, that’s certainly their prerogative. We would, however, urge everybody to bear in mind that the infections are far from over, and using proper precautions are acts of love and care. 

It will be a great and joyous day when we can all gather together in person, in groups large or small. But for now, we believe it is best for the well-being of everybody to remain physically separate. We are much comforted by the knowledge that our God is as close to us as ever. 

May the love of God, the peace of Christ, and the community of the Holy Spirit continue to course through all of us during this difficult time. 

-Richard K. and Laura S., for the Worship SLG