2nd Gay Men’s Night Out–Friday, 5.20

2nd Gay Men’s Night Out–Friday, 5.20

Last month, when Michael realized that the gay men of the church did not all know each other, he thought it would be good to organize a time when they could get together. When he talked to some of the other gay men, they also liked the idea. It was especially interesting for newer men in the congregation, who saw it more generally as an opportunity to get to know more Old Firsters.

There have been a sort of on again, off again attempts to get folks to go out together– one person would invite a few others to join him. But this was going to be a more intentional gathering, our own meet and greet.

But at first, Michael hesitated to publicize the gathering? Why? He wasn’t sure. Maybe because the plans were shaping up to begin with a gathering at a Friday night happy hour, before going out to dinner together.

Or maybe because others might think it was stand-offish for this group to gather? But, Michael chided himself, as pastor, he never worried that the Young Adults events were self-segregating! Neither would he be concerned if the women of the church wanted to do something together. Or, if as Adam suggested once, it might be interesting to get all of the men of the church who are fathers to go out as fathers.

Eventually, he did advertise the event. The sky didn’t fall. No one seemed to feel left out. (Actually, he wondered if maybe it could motivate other groups to organize their own fellowship activities!).

A whole bunch of new relationships were formed as people in the church got to know one another better. And, even better, a newcomer who happened on our website looking for a church, saw the announcement, asked if he could come, and has been coming to church ever since.

Maybe we all need excuses and multiple mix and match groupings to gather outside of the regularity of Sunday mornings. (Those pews… all sitting facing forward while someone else is speaking, really do make interaction on Sunday mornings a bit of a high bar challenge!)

So, the men want to go out again. Folks, while this is a group organized around the gay men, anyone who wants to join us will be welcome– both in the group and in any of the places we gather. It’s also an opportunity to invite friends…

We can again gather at Taboo (right near the 12th Street Gym)– it seemed friendly and not too crowded– on Friday, May 20 at 7 p.m. Afterwards, a bunch of us will likely again go out to eat somewhere.

No R.S.V.P.s necessary. Just show up (sort of like church itself).