Gay Men's Night Out on the Town (7.22 @ 7 pm)

Gay Men's Night Out on the Town (7.22 @ 7 pm)

The May “outing” (sort of an ambiguous word to use in this context) of Gay Men from Old First included two heterosexual women. Go figure! We didn’t get to organizing a June gathering. But why not try in July (even knowing some folk’s summer plans will get in the way).

In UCC style, this an open invitation. For men who identify as gay or queer or… For folks who don’t come to church very often. For folks who haven’t yet been to our church. For people who are usually home on Friday night. For people who don’t describe themselves as gay. All are welcome.

The purpose is to strengthen relationships within the church. As with the young adults, we’ve found that there is something very helpful about meeting out of context, not talking about church or doing meeting business. Then folks start talking about their lives, or what interests them, or what “the rest of their lives” are like.

Friday, July 22, at 7 pm at Tabu, on 12th Street, right south of the 12th Street Gym (between Walnut and Locust)– a happy hour first (don’t let this put you off– we all have a nice time, and some of us never have an alcoholic drink!) and then dinner afterwards.

If you want to meet up with us, please be in touch with the pastor. Or just show up. We will gather first at Tabu.