Gay Men’s Night Out, Sat., 10.29

Gay Men’s Night Out, Sat., 10.29

Once again, Old First continues its monthly Gay Mens’ Night Out this spooky October at the Bike Stop (Quince & Walnut St).

This month’s event will support and encourage Philadelphia’s Gay Rugby Team, the Gryphons on continuing to defeat and “ruck” the competition for the 2017 Colonial Cup Tournament. The Gryphons have been based in Philadelphia since 2003, and have a diverse group of men (racially and culturally — even with hetero as well as homosexual athletes) participating in some fast-paced running and dodging action. For those unaware of the game of rugby, rugby is essentially football played backwards. The game has two playing options, 7 players (7’s) or 15 players; and matches are played for either a hour or 90 minutes.

This Saturday, the Gryphons have invited several other rugby teams from the DMV area to join them in raising funds and a “holler” at the Bike Stop for the Colonial Cup. The social mixer will be held on the 3rd floor bar at the Bike Stop. Please note, they’re asking for a $5 donation at the door. You’re also suggested to wear a costume, but you’re an adult, so you decide.

You’re all invited to join; the events are an open invitation to all who live in the mission of Old First, “to be open and affirming…” to all those we encounter.

To those who will be attending, the event starts at 10 pm. I’d suggest, we meet at the Bike Stop, and look for John; he will be in costume as rugby player (white shorts, striped yellow long sleeve). If you need to contact him, please email him at


John Peter, Program Assistant