Gay Men's Night Out on Sat., 10.06 (at Michael's new house)

Gay Men's Night Out on Sat., 10.06 (at Michael's new house)

G.M.N.O. hasn’t, well, gotten out much lately!

Trying some alternatives to the Friday night late happy hour in a bar, then dinner format, we tried some other activities last Winter/Spring — that weren’t so well attended (what’s that say about us?!?!). Then we sort of fell out of the habit of getting together as the gay men of the church (and others… everyone’s always invited!).

It’s not been THAT long, but, thank God, there are already new people in our community that we need to invite and introduce ourselves to and get to know better… (G.M and everyone else., do you already know: Bennett and Andrew, Sean, Mike and Michael, Phillip and Jonathan, Ed.)

So, Michael’s going to get us started again, with the gay male incarnation of inviting smaller groups over to his new house (one big housewarming party would be too much for him!).

He’s also going to combine it with the Shelter Top Chef competition. (How many birds can he kill with one stone?).

SO… after the Shelter Top Chef gathering at church on Saturday, Oct. 6, he’s hosting a G.M.N.O. AFTER PARTY. (Yes, if women and straight men attending Top Chef want to come to the After Party, they are invited!)

Here’s where Mike W. comes in. He has this idea, sort of a theme party:

We all bring our favorite wine– defined as “the best taste for the cheapest price.” We might even decide who wins– how cheap can we get a good wine for (sort of the contest theme of the evening!)

If you aren’t a wine person, bring beer or some other drink.
If you aren’t a drinker, bring an non-alcoholic alternative.
Michael will have some of those, and some light food to go along with our beverages.

If you are going to the Shelter Top Chef, roughly 5:30 to 8 p.m. in the Social Hall, you will have had a delicious and filling meal beforehand. If you aren’t, you can still come to the G.M.N.O. After Party at Michael’s house, getting started after 8 p.m.

Michael will send out an invitation with his address to the folk on the Gay Men’s Fellowship list (and the newcomers). But it is an open invitation, and other’s from the church community often join us. If you want to come, let Michael know so he can give you the details, i.e. his address…