Gays Night Out — Fri., 06.03

Gays Night Out — Fri., 06.03

Next Friday, June 3rd will be the next Gay Night Out hosted by the Old First community. We will gather about 7:45 at Knock (at 12th / Locust), and migrate later to some place in the neighborhood for dinner. As with all our fellowship groups, this gather is open to those who identify as queer as well as their allies and friends. (Bring friends if you wish).

The origin of these gatherings are unclear to me, since someone said this, and other said that, but what I do know is these “gatherings” are necessary to strengthen the identity of the LGBTQA community. We’re a diverse crowd of individuals expanding in age, race, ability, and weight, and much more. We’re experiencing inclusivity in our country as marriage equality spreads throughout our states, endorsements for professional LGBT athletes, access to preventive medicine, such as Prep, and the progress of Transgender Medicine research.

Despite the milestones we reach, we’re still fighting for Equality. In a recent post from the Center for American Progress, they reported LGBT persons are still face the serious threat of unemployment. Recent, the NDAA or National Defense Authorization Act (passed by President Obama) was amended by the US House of Reps. repealing existing workplace protections for LGBT employees of a federal contractor. Obama’s executive order enhanced workplace protection for 28 million people, one-fifth of our nation’s workforce. The amendment of NDAA led to Mississippi and North Carolina creating their own bills to disrupt the workplace for LGBT individuals. North Carolina’s H.B.2 drove major companies from the state and jeopardized billions in economic activity. North Carolina got such bad press from the bill, that even the United Kingdom put out a travel warning to its LGBT community.

June is a month of Gay Pride for Philadelphia; and this is time we all must advocate for equality and celebrate ourselves for being unique and fabulous people. We must voice our concerns to the U.S. Congress, and persuade them to support our LGBT individuals, friends, wives, husbands, family members that they deserve equal opportunities towards the American dream. Maybe amongst all our discussions and conversations that night, we will figure out something we wish to do as a group for Gay Pride Month.

Join us June 3rd in the Gayborhood starting at Knock Restaurant & Bar (225 S 12th St) @ 7:45 PM.

John Owens

Program Assistant