Geneva's Retirement Party, Sat., Aug. 18.

Geneva's Retirement Party, Sat., Aug. 18.

Geneva Butz was Old First’s pastor for 19 years. Michael, when he has to recount OF history to visitors, explains, “when Old First moved back downtown to its original location in 1967, it was the next pastor, Daehler Hayes who is responsible for the mission vision of our becoming a “church for the whole city.” But it was Geneva and her pastorate where that mission took the shape as we know it now.

After Geneva left Old First, she went on to serve the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference as an Associate Conference Ministry. She left her mark there in her programs that helped revitalize local congregations and her outreach that brought new congregations into the UCC, particularly in the Philadelphia Association.

Geneva retired from “paid ministry” in June. But we expect that she will continue ministering nonetheless…

The Philadelphia Association is hosting a retirement party for her on August 18. If you want to be in attendance, please contact Mindy in our church office (we have reserved a whole bunch of tickets for the celebration). She can provide all the details you need.

Beth Walker, who is helping to organize the celebration for the Association, writes:

Geneva’s retirement party is less than 2 weeks away. Its a chance to give thanks, but also to laugh alot. Think of these questions:

1. What happened to me when I said “yes” to Geneva?
2. Geneva changed my perspective on…
3. My favorite Geneva story is…

If you know what you would say after any of these opening lines then you can share that on Saturday August 18th at Geneva’s retirement party. Be sure to call Mindy and tell her you are coming and, that you are looking for a chance to talk.

Would you rather sing about it? You can do that too (we will have reserved time and “shout outs” so you can wing it if you want).

What? You are on vacation that weekend? Not to worry, you can write down what you would say (or sing) if you could be there, and we will share it with Geneva (and those who can attend) for you.

Our own Harvey Thompson, our Master of Ceremonies, will honor your writing with his famous performance reading skills. Julie will probably do the singing.

Don’t miss a chance to be a part of the fun! And never miss an opportunity to say thank you…”