Get Involved with the New and Exciting Things Happening in Christian Education!

Get Involved with the New and Exciting Things Happening in Christian Education!

September 9th marks the beginning of the new year for Sunday School and Adult Forum.

To better engage learners of all ages the new year will also bring exciting changes to the Christian education. You might remember that at last year’s Annual Meeting, recognizing the importance of developing our educational efforts further, we created a Christian Education Standing Leadership Group. When Jenn Carvin’s career demands made it impossible for her to continue as the Christian Education Leader, I said I’d take the on the role. And I’ve got energy and ideas for us to try some new things. All summer, I have been reaching out to potential teachers, and have gotten some new people to commit. But I still need your help!

For Adult Forum this means a new schedule that is flexible and diverse, and some different programming that we hope will be more participative.

Changes in store for Sunday school classes include an increased participation in worship and the church community. We are also dreaming a trial run of a special children’s worship experience.

But if we want to do everything we hope to, and everything that we believe needs to be done in a church committed to growing to serve more people, and to growing people in their faith, we need more leaders and workers, teachers and helpers.

If you are interested in getting involved in any capacity, please contact me. You can do so by either leaving a message for me at the church office (via the telephone or a note or an e-mail to Mindy) or by letting Michael know you want to speak with me. I will respond to anyone who is interested.

We are looking for more teachers/subsitutes for Sunday School and leaders in Adult Forum. In addition anyone who wants to share a talent, story, topic, idea, etc. to share with either Sunday School or Adult Forum is encouraged to speak to me as well.

Yajeh Ndimbie