T-shirt Sunday (also this Sunday, 09.25!)

T-shirt Sunday (also this Sunday, 09.25!)

Billi will be selling T-shirts in before worship this Sunday, Sept. 25, because it’s T-shirt Sunday! But not to late– buy one when you arrive, and change quickly.

We are going to take a picture of the whole congregation for Anniversary Sunday. We’ll also take a picture of the T-shirted crowd.

We (Old First staff and Wellspring committee)  are asking that everyone please purchase a shirt for $15 and wear it on that day. We will get a full congregation photo on that day and it’ll look great with our matching Old First shirts!

Shirts are sold on Sundays at the Wellspring table and there are enough shirts for everyone, even the kids!

The front of the t-shirt says Old First vertically down the left side. The back has the rainbow peace sign and says  Wellspring over it, underneath it says  “I served at 4th and Race, Philadelphia, PA”.