Getting Ready for All Saints' Sunday, 11.01

Getting Ready for All Saints' Sunday, 11.01

Isaiah 25:6-9
John 11:32-44
“Life-sized Container”
(And communion at a table open to all who wish to share the meal Jesus has prepared for us)

We spend a lot of time individually and culturally denying the inevitability of our mortality. Or at least avoiding it. What if embracing it, we, ironically, found ourselves having more life? Or at least a better appreciation of how we wish to spend or dedicate the limited time we will be given?

Because it’s All Saints Sunday, we will be giving thanks for the lives of the dear ones who have gone before us. Perhaps, their lives — in both their finitude and their accomplishment — might be a guide for us to reconsider our own mortality in light of our faith.

To prepare for worship this week:

~ Consider those people who have died that without whom you could not be the person you are or where you are.

~ Reflect upon all that they accomplished and what they did with their lives, relating to you as well in other arenas of their lives.

We will draw their memory in the sermon and as we gather around the table.