Getting Ready for MLK Sunday, 01.17.16

Getting Ready for MLK Sunday, 01.17.16

Isaiah 65: 1-5, 7
John 2:1-11
“Unexpected Time: When Kairos Interrupts Chronos Time”

Jesus says “The Kingdom has come near.” But how do we know? And how do were respond?

It’s been a bad year+ on racial justice issues. But really, the news has simply made it to headlines. The incidents that have filled news recently, sadly, there is nothing new in them. They too are an old, old story of our humanity. What might be different, however, is that they are no longer going unnoticed. Of course, that doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to someone injured, killed or losing a love one. But it does offer more hope to a better future.

Can we seek and believe that God breaks through and into the ticking of our everyday with opportunities for accessing God’s time and power in the here and know? Even if that so, do we recognize, claim and take advantage of these Kairos opportunities.

Can your find God amidst all the news and reports?