Getting Ready for Reformation Sunday, 10.25

Getting Ready for Reformation Sunday, 10.25

Jeremiah 18:1-6
John 3:1-8
“The Potter, Nicodemus and the Reformation”

How do you feel about being told you need to change for the better? Often there’s some shame associated with these kind of (unwelcome!) messages.

But what if our needed to reform isn’t so much about our falling short as time itself moving on?

To prepare for worship this week, remember times in your life when you suddenly “woke up” because of something radically new in your life? And think about how not changing is inevitably falling behind, and ultimately death…

The need to reform — maybe it’s not such bad news, or even a judgement. Instead, it’s a reality we’d be better taking seriously, even aim for with expectation (rather than a sense of defeat)…