Getting Ready for Sunday, 05.01.16

John 14:23-29
Revelation 21:10, 22 — 22:5
“The End of Needing to Leave the World”
Communion at a Table Open to All who want to share the Meal Jesus has prepared for us.

Ever since Paul, there’s been a articulated dichotomy between the ways of the world and the ways of God. In Jesus’ teaching, we see the same divide in the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Empires of this world.

Still, the movement of faith, leaving the world to find God has been done many different ways throughout the history of Christianity, and still today.

But the vision in Revelation suggests there will come a time when there is no longer a need to migrate. That instead God will bring heaven right down to earth and reside in the midst of us.

What’s that mean for your faith?

What of heaven’s advent will change the world as you know it? How will you be changed when you find yourself living right next to God?