Getting Ready for this Sunday, 07.12

Getting Ready for this Sunday, 07.12

Amos 7: 7-15
Mark 6: 14-29
“The Flow, Focus and Purpose We Are Known For… Or Struggle and Long For”

We don’t often think of the span of our lives as a unified whole, one single piece. We think of seasons and phases and the slowly, but ever evolving changing nature of our lives. But what if for a moment, you looked at the whole.

Imagine a gravestone, with a birth date and the date of a death. I’m talking about the dash in between — all that comprises your life… and that fits into something much larger, the puzzle peiced together by the sum of all our completed lives.

I think our resistance to seeing our whole life — our present as well as our past, and what is yet to come before it’s over — is even greater when we’re younger, and comes, perhaps, because we’d rather avoid thinking about the inevitable ending.

If you can find the courage to view your life in this way, both as finite and as a whole, you might come upon a strength of purpose and insistent clarity you might not otherwise ever know…

Join us Sunday as worship, particularly the sermon, will ask us to reflect in this way.

(At General Synod, I spoke with a colleague who was telling me that she uses their weekly newsletter to prepare for the coming Sunday’s worship. I thought I’d try it. Let me know if it’s helpful for you. Maybe it will introduce a new spiritual discipline for us — doing some prayerful, reflective preparing for worship on Sunday’s.)