Getting Ready for Sunday, Sept. 6

Getting Ready for Sunday, Sept. 6

Isaiah 35: 1-10
Mark 7: 24 – 37
“My Weekend Get-away”
Communion at a Table Open to All who wish to share in the meal Jesus prepares for us

As we are drawing to the end of summer and looking towards Labor Day weekend, the Rev. John Vertigan, the UCC’s Florida Conference Minister, will be our preacher this Sunday. His sermon will ask us to consider service and rest.

While there may be no break for those who are called to serve in Jesus’ name — there’s not any time off or vacation from being Jesus’ disciple — serving God surely offers the ultimate in restfulness.

Many of you remember that John gave the charge at Michael’s installation: “Let the Mint be the Mint,” exhorting us to:

“…Let the mint do perfect. Let the mint do conformity. Let the mint do same-ness and make everything seem alike according to their master die.

As for you, lean toward the unorthodox. Better yet, be a leader in the United Church of Christ who helps create a new ecclesiology based not in dogma, but in the relational and misssional direction we see Old First moving in ministry to the region…

… It won’t be perfect, but it could just become the new orthodoxy and that, too, would be pure poetry.”

Join us to welcome John back to Old First.