Getting Ready for Sunday — 09.25.2016

Getting Ready for Sunday — 09.25.2016

Anniversary Sunday – Celebrating 279 years of faith and worship at Old First in Philadelphia — join us.

Psalm 146

Luke 16: 19-31
“Would An Apocalypse Get Us to Hear Eternal Promises?”

It’s a complicated story on many levels. It’s one of the most explicit tellings of the biblical exhortation against materialism and the dangers of wealth. It also contains some of the fight between the newly emerging Christian community and the Jewish community from which it was breaking away.

But it’s also about what it takes for us to begin to notice what’s most important. Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about. You have had one of those experiences that suddenly turned you around and changed everything. Some near miss. Or an intimation of your mortality. Or a great loss. Or bottoming out. And afterwards, you just couldn’t see life the way you had before… Let’s think about that together this Sunday.
What would it take for us to listen and really hear about the promises eternal?